Mr. Tim’s Workshop, LLC

Software and Computer Support


Mr. Tim’s Workshop offers computer support services in Southwestern Colorado, and produces and publishes custom software and educational material. Some of our products are listed here.

pbnArtist by Mr. Tim’s Workshop

Do you wish you could paint pictures of your loved ones, favorite scenes, or favorite memories? Are you looking for something creative to do with that box of old photographs? Use pbnArtist for Windows® to convert your favorite photographs into coloring pages, paint-by-number paintings, or counted-cross-stitch projects.

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pbnArtist Program
Paint By Number Art Shop

Do you like painting? Then you’ll love painting one of our paint-by-number kits. Check out our store – we have more than 100 paint-by-number kits that you’ll love! Click Here to visit our store.

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Mr. Tim’s Mortgage Machine

This freeware tool, an Excel spreadsheet, can help you understand your home loan. The spreadsheet produces graphs that will show you how, over time, your principal and interest payments work together to bring down the remaining amount owed on your loan. You’ll be able to see what your loan really costs, and you can include your own predictions for the future value of your house, allowing you to estimate how your equity will (hopefully) grow over time.

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Mortgage Machine Program
Mr. Tim’s Math Game

This freeware game, an Excel spreadsheet, can be used by students in the 1st through 6th grades to practice their arithmetic skills. The game presents 20 arithmetic problems, and times the player while solving the problems. The player can select what types of problems to include (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) and the number of digits to include. At the end of each “quiz”, if all problems are solved correctly, the player is rewarded with an enjoyable animation, selected at random from a group of several animations.

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Math Game Program

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