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L*A*B Colorspace

The L*A*B Colorspace

Mr. Tim’s Workshop was founded in 2012 by Tim A. Schreyer. Our products and services include custom software, video, animations and graphic design, especially those with an educational purpose. (As an example, the colorspace animation on this page was produced using custom software that we developed in-house). We also develop computer tools to help automate your day-to-day data entry and analysis tasks, and on our website we offer other free tools. Located in southwestern Colorado, we provide computer support services for homes and small businesses within our local region.

Mr. Tim’s Workshop is located in Chromo, Colorado, south of Pagosa Springs.

About Tim Schreyer

Tim Schreyer

Above Argentina’s Upsala Glacier

Tim A. Schreyer is a senior electrical engineer and computer programmer.

He worked for 13 years for Intel Corporation, where he was a member of the Senior Engineering Staff at Intel’s system division in Hillsboro, Oregon. While at Intel, Tim developed strategies to manage signal integrity, electromagnetic interference and thermal effects on computer motherboards. He developed classes and taught them to engineers and technicians, and he managed a small engineering group that used his design strategies to develop computer motherboards. Tim was an active member in teams that developed the Pentium® Processor “backside” cache bus, PCI, AGP and other system bus specifications.

Although primarily an electrical engineer, Tim’s work and interests have led him to do quite a bit of computer programming, and he has learned and used more than a dozen computer languages throughout his career. The languages he has learned include earlier languages like Fortran-77, Univac Assembly, Cray Assembly, Motorola 6800 Assembly, Modula-2, AWK, C and Perl as well as more recent languages like C++, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, SQL, Python, Java, PHP and ASP. His current “favorite” languages are Visual C# and Java.

Tim received his Ph. D. in electrical engineering in 1989 from Stanford University, where he conducted research on chip-level interconnect performance on VLSI integrated circuits. Tim’s education and career give him a broad background in integrated circuit design, system design, solid-state physics, electromagnetic fields theory, mathematics, computer programming and business administration.

Tim’s hobbies include barbershop quartet singing, landscape photography and videography, hiking, backpacking, and search & rescue. He has 20 years experience backpacking in the Pacific Northwest and American Southwest, and at last count, he has travelled overseas to 18 countries, including some volunteer work with lutheran missions and orphanages in India and Africa. Tim was one of the founding officers for Colorado Mounted Rescue, and he currently volunteers as a searcher and past-chairman of Upper San Juan Search And Rescue, Inc. in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

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