Mr. Tim’s Math Game

Math Game

This quiz games poses 20 arithmetic problems, timing the user and showing a score for each set of problems. But the best part is that after completing each quiz, the player is rewarded with an enjoyable animation, selected at random.

This game incorporates animations produced by

This spreadsheet uses custom macros, so you will have to enable Excel to run macros when you are running it. We do not include any malicious macros in our tools, but it is still a good idea to protect your computer by examining macros before running them. You can do this using the “Edit Macros” function, which you will find in the TOOLS -> MACRO -> MACROS… window in earlier versions of Excel, or in the DEVELOPER -> CODE -> MACROS window in Excel 2007.

To download Mr. Tim’s Math Game, click here. (You don’t need to right-click. Just use the normal “left” button).

Make sure that you use the “Use Folder Names” option (or equivalent) when you uncompress this file. It is important to extract these files exactly as they are in the zip file, including the animation sub-folder, because Excel needs this subfolder for the animations to work properly.

The macros in this spreadsheet incorporates additional controls that are installed with Microsoft Internet Explorer, therefore this tool will work on PC’s with Windows installed, but will probably not work on a Mac (I haven’t verified this, so I could be wrong). The zip file includes two versions of the Excel Spreadsheet, one that works with all versions of Excel, and one that is made specifically for Excel version 2007.

Usage of this spreadsheet is allowed under the terms of our Freeware Usage Policy.

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