Freeware Usage Policy

Any free tools on our Downloads page are provided to help you solve selected problems, to help you learn to write similar tools of your own, and to (hopefully) attract visitors and potential business back to this website.

The Free Tools are licensed under the most recent version of the GNU Lesser General Public License. The GNU license, developed by the Open Source Initiative, is used by many computer programmers who develop freely-distributable software (for example, freeware). The “Lesser” or “Library” version of this license applies to programs that run within other, non-free software programs, like Visual Basic macros running within Excel.

Some of our free tools include regions that are locked and protected with passwords. This is done to protect you from accidentally overwriting critical spreadsheet cells that contain formulas used by the tool. It is not intended to keep these areas “secret” from you. If you are curious and would like to see these hidden formulas, you can, in most cases, obtain the necessary passwords by studying the macros or the documentation that comes with the tools.

Here are some of the license’s key points (at least those that are important to Mr. Tim’s Workshop), as interpretted by System Design Concepts. You may freely distribute these tools as long as the following terms are followed:

  1. You must keep in place all business references that have been placed in the original, including company names, logos, web addresses, and author names.
  2. You may add your own modifications (including business references and logos) as long as you claim responsibility for their performance and operation. (In other words, don’t blame Mr. Tim’s Workshop if your modifications don’t work). Although not strictly required, we would like to hear about your modifications. We might also like to incorporate your modifications into the versions we distribute, if that is acceptable to you.
  3. You may distribute these tools for free or for profit. (We really don’t mind if you find a way to profit from our work, as long as you give us credit for it and send visitors and potential business back our way).
  4. Subsequent distribution and any modifications you make must be licensed under the most recent version of the GNU Lesser General Public License.
  5. Mr. Tim’s Workshop’s implementation of this license is governed under the laws of the State of Colorado, USA.

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